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Speaker Spotlight - Shawn Whalen

2017 Callegher, Jon Headshot

The Importance of a Website That Doesn't Suck

Your charity website is your most powerful tool for efficient and effective fundraising today - unless it sucks. In this session, Shawn will help you understand how your website can be used to reach more potential donors, increase donations and share your success stories. You will gain insight into how people are using the internet in their daily lives and why it matters for your fundraising initiatives. Then, Shawn will help you understand what you should put on your website and where - and how to choose and work with a web design company that will be worth your time and money.

About Shawn Whalen:

As an experienced marketing professional, Shawn has spent more than 12 years helping businesses, charities and community organizations get their message out, while working for radio stations and media companies. Now he heads up Clear Image, a design and marketing company based in Toronto, with clients throughout North America. Shawn is an engaging speaker who will hold your attention every step of the way.

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