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Statement From Jason Lee, Interim President and CEO, Regarding Today's eWire Article On Men In Fundraising

March 8, 2017

Dear AFP Members:
I want to apologize for the article in our newsletter appearing today, March 8, International Women’s Day, on Why Are So Few Men in Fundraising.
Two weeks ago, this article appeared in our Senior Professionals Newsletter, featuring the perspectives of a number of members of AFP. We received some interesting feedback, and the thought was to include it in future newsletters to get more comments.
We shouldn’t have run it, and I acknowledge the negative connotation that even just the headline sends on this significant day for women around the world.
Further, we are reviewing our internal process regarding the drafting and approval of articles for inclusion in the newsletter to ensure we do not make a similar unacceptable error in the future.
Please know that all of us at AFP respect our female members and the tremendous contributions you have made and continue to make to AFP, our profession and all of philanthropy.
Jason Lee Sig
Jason Lee
Interim President and CEO