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Speaker Spotlight - Fraser Green


The Mysterious Three-Brained Donor:
How Neurology and Philanthropy Fit Together

Fraser Green will be joining the Association of Fundraising Professionals South Eastern Ontario Chapter Conference "Building the Future of Philanthropy"  to talk to us about the importance of the human subconscious in our behaviours and decisions. How the heart rules the head: and acient instinct rules them both! The session will provide participants with a much better understanding of how to speak to donors more fully, more passionately and MUCH more persuasively. 

About Fraser Green:

Fraser Green is widely considered one of Canada’s most strategic and creative thinkers in the fundraising sector today. Fraser is the Chief Strategist and Smartypants at Good Works – a consulting firm that propels charities to build deeper relationships with loyal donors and constituents.

Fraser is a gifted communicator whose books, articles, blogs and contrarian rants are widely read around by fundraisers and CEOs around the world. Fraser is a gifted speaker – and has presented sessions and plenary addresses at hundreds of fundraising conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Fraser is a self-confessed ‘donor research freak’. He believes deeply that creating a superb donor experience is the key to great fundraising – and that listening carefully to donors is all-important first step in doing so.

When he’s not staring at his laptop, Fraser loves to bike and ski, bend his body into ridiculous yoga postures, play his guitars and generally explore the world around him. One of these days he’s going to be a great songwriter and a half-assed novelist.

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