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Speaker Spotlight - Paul Zikopoulos

2017 Zikopoulos, Paul Headshot

Lunch Plenary: BigData Beyond the Hype

Can there be a word with more hype attached? While everyone claims to know what BigData is, if you ask 10 people to describe it, you’ll get 10 different answers. In this session, you’ll get a solid foundation of just what BigData is, where it comes from, how we got here, and how it can be used to change everything from better patient outcomes to reducing hair-frizz on a hot and humid Eastern Ontario summer day! (Ya, we’re not kidding!). This session includes live demos so you can feel just how real (and reachable) these technologies are. Buckle your seat belts, BigData Beyond the Hype is ready for lift-off.

You’ll leave this session with the following takeaways:

* Have a true definition of BigData – be the smartest person at the water cooler.

* Inspire you to think of the “Art of the Possible” – how can BigData change what I do?

* Ready yourself with the conversation to bring back to your organization to start a BigData project.

Closing Plenary: Unstuck: Things I've Learned Along the Way from Being One of 1000's Managed to Managing 1000's

Ever feel STUCK and can't figure out how to turn it around? Ever lead a team that feels STUCK? The definition of STUCK will vary, some of you will be STUCK in a "3rd World" way and that's serious; some of you will be STUCK in a "Champagne" way - guess what ... that's serious too. It's all relative. And while you can't have "Champagne" STUCK if you have "3rd World" STUCK (consider yourself lucky to be "Champagne" STUCK), STUCK is ... well ... STUCK.

I've been STUCK my whole life. You know why? Spoiler Alert ... I'm human. The death of my first child, still leaves me STUCK. I've been work STUCK more times than I can remember. I’ve managed STUCK people – helped them get unSTUCK.

Over the course of your career you should expect to be STUCK and so should the organizations you lead. Those gears are going to stop spinning and you're going to have to replace some parts. If you're not actively maintaining that engine, it's no wonder why it's STUCK. It's a fact: people and things get STUCK - in relationships (friends & significant others), work (manager and employee), life, and so on.

The position of STUCK ... as external as a force as it seems ... ironically ... starts from within.

This talk details some of the guiding leadership and personal growth principles I’ve learned along the way, from being a co-op to running the organization where I first walked in as an awe-stuck broke student. It’s both a leadership and personal growth session because when leaders don’t grow, neither will their teams.

Ready to get things moving?

* Learn about some of the cultural requirements you need to have in place to be a successful organization in this new era.

* Hear about the personal growth experiences of someone that has mentored new authors, new hires, new executives, grown career, and had to end some, and the things I learned along the way

* Leave with at least 3 things that will change the way you manage yourself and your teams.

About Paul Zikopoulos:

Paul Zikopoulos is competitive at IBM. He’s an award winning writer and speaker who has been consulted on the topic of BigData by the popular TV show “60 Minutes,” advises various universities on their graduate analytics programs, and named to over a dozen “Experts to Follow” lists in social media. You’ll also find Paul taking a very active role around Women in Technology (including a seated board member for Women 2.0, a global network and social platform for aspiring and current female founders of technology ventures). Paul has written 19 books and over 350 articles on data. He doesn’t think NoSQL is something you put on a resume if you don’t have SQL skills and he knows JSON isn’t a person in his department. Ultimately, Paul is trying to figure out the world according to Chloë—his daughter, whom he notes didn’t come with a handbook and is more complex than that topic of BigData, but more fun too. The rest of the bio? It would be BLAH BLAH, BLAH, so find him on Twitter @BigData_paulz.

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