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Speaker Spotlight - Jon Callegher

2017 Callegher, Jon Headshot

The Why of Y: The Underlying Drivers of Millennial Donors

In this fascinating presentation, you’ll hear from Millennial Sociologist Dr. Jon Callegher as he reveals the underlying values, emotions, goals, and persona of Millennials who regularly donate their time or money to charity in comparison to those who don’t. Based on his extensive research, Jon proposes strategies for reaching and keeping Millennial donors now that attention is such a scarce commodity.

About Dr. Jon Callegher:

Dr. Jon Callegher is CEO of Veep Global, a strategic premium insights firm that’s developing a universal understanding of people based on individual values, emotions, behaviours, and persona – going as far back as childhood. As a Millennial Sociologist, Jon and his team are scientifically mapping these hidden drivers to enable clients to accurately validate strategic decisions, spark innovation, and become more authentic. 

Jon is also a marketing professor and program coordinator at George Brown College. In 2016, he was awarded a $240,000 SSHRC CCSIF research grant to launch the most comprehensive study of its kind about the personal values that motivate individuals.

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